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Montenegro Coaches Step Down
The Basketball Federation of Montenegro (KSCG) announced on Monday that it has accepted the resignations of both senior national team head coach Luka Pavicevic and U20 team coach Mihailo Pavicevic.
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Shooting Stars: A. Vezenkov20.07.2014
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Top 5 Plays: 20 July20.07.2014
Turkey Conquer Maiden Gold20.07.2014
Osman Headlines All-Tournament Team20.07.2014
Highlights: Turkey v Spain20.07.2014
Highlights: Serbia v Croatia20.07.2014
Serbia Win Derby To Return On Podium20.07.2014
Lithuania Hold Off Greece To Finish 5th20.07.2014
Czech Republic Relegates Montenegro20.07.2014
Israel Overpower France, Claim 7th Place20.07.2014
Poland Seal 9th Spot In Division A Debut20.07.2014
Great Britain Take 11th From Slovenia20.07.2014
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Spain Win Semi-Final At The Death 19.07.2014
Highlights: Serbia v Turkey19.07.2014
Majestic Start Propels Turkey Into Final19.07.2014
Russia Top Germany For 13th Place19.07.2014
Bulgaria Finish On High Note19.07.2014
Greece Return To Winning Ways19.07.2014
Sweden Finish Ahead Of Hungary19.07.2014
Lithuania Beat Israel On The Glass19.07.2014
Semi-Final Preview: Serbia v Turkey19.07.2014
Semi-Final Preview: Croatia v Spain19.07.2014
Top 5 Plays: 18 July18.07.2014
Highlights: Croatia v Greece18.07.2014
Red-Hot Croatia End Hosts' Dreams18.07.2014
Italy Great Finale Stuns Great Britain18.07.2014
Highlights: Spain v France18.07.2014
Highlights: Serbia v Israel18.07.2014
Spain Out-Defend France To Reach Semis18.07.2014
Serbia Outlast Israel In Double OT18.07.2014
Poland Breeze Past Slovenia18.07.2014
Russia Finish Strong To Deny Bulgaria18.07.2014
Turkey Brush Aside Lithuania To March On18.07.2014
Germany Edge Out Latvia In Game Of Runs18.07.2014
Czech Republic Take Down Sweden18.07.2014
Montenegro Live To Fight Another Day18.07.2014
Guillermo Hernangomez, The Madrid Tower18.07.2014
Quarter-Finals Preview17.07.2014
Fantastic French Comeback Stuns Turkey17.07.2014
Top 5 Plays: 16 July17.07.2014
Highlights: France v Turkey16.07.2014
Highlights: Croatia v Poland16.07.2014
Croatia Maintain Momentum16.07.2014
Highlights: Great Britain v Spain16.07.2014
Highlights: Slovenia v Greece16.07.2014
Mighty 3rd Propels Spain Into Quarters16.07.2014
Greece Down Slovenia In Must-Win Clash16.07.2014
Serbia Overpower Lithuania To Go Top16.07.2014
Highlights: Serbia v Lithuania16.07.2014
Israel Beat Italy In Group F Decider16.07.2014
Highlights: Israel v Italy16.07.2014
Germany Duly Deliver Against Hungary16.07.2014
Latvia Hold Off Sweden To Stay Safe16.07.2014
Bulgaria Sink Montenegro In Overtime16.07.2014
Highlights: Croatia v France16.07.2014
Highlights: Lithuania v Slovenia16.07.2014
Big Finish Lifts Lithuania Over Slovenia16.07.2014
Highlights: Spain v Greece16.07.2014
Russia Beat Czechs, Maintain Status16.07.2014
Perfect Turkey Secure Quarter-Final Berth15.07.2014
Ironman Bochoridis Keeps Up Tradition15.07.2014
Croatia Hold Off France To Advance15.07.2014
Spain Win, Leave Hosts On The Brink15.07.2014
Top 5 Plays: 15 July15.07.2014
Highlights: Great Britain v Serbia15.07.2014
Serbia Waltz Into Quarter-Finals15.07.2014
Italy Shut Down Poland To Stay In Race15.07.2014
Russia Deliver The Goods Against Germany15.07.2014
Bulgaria Tick Win Column In Style15.07.2014
Hungary Win 2nd Straight Against Czechs15.07.2014
Montenegro Comeback Shocks Latvia15.07.2014
Highlights: Spain v Lithuania14.07.2014
Top 5 Plays: 14 July14.07.2014
Highlights: Italy v France14.07.2014
France Hold Off Italy To Stay At Top14.07.2014
Rising Spain End Lithuanian Streak14.07.2014
Highlights: Greece v Serbia14.07.2014
Greece Step It Up, Hand Serbia First Loss14.07.2014
Superb Slovenia Stifle Great Britain14.07.2014
Highlights: Israel v Croatia14.07.2014
Croatia Total Recall Downs Israel In OT14.07.2014
Highlights: Slovenia v G. Britain14.07.2014
Highlights: Poland v Turkey14.07.2014
Turkey Do Their Homework Early14.07.2014
U20M On YouTube, Livebasketball.tv14.07.2014
Hungary Stun Russia At The Buzzer14.07.2014
Germany Ease Past Czech Republic14.07.2014
Sweden Beat Montenegro For First Win14.07.2014
Patient Latvia Sting Bulgaria In The End14.07.2014
Citius, Altius, Fortius14.07.2014
Italy's Fontecchio In Perpetual Motion13.07.2014
Highlights: Italy v Montenegro12.07.2014
Top 5 Plays: 12 July12.07.2014
Highlights: Russia v Poland12.07.2014
Highlights: Serbia v Germany12.07.2014
Serbia Shatter German Dreams In OT12.07.2014
Poland Hold On To Knock Out Russia12.07.2014
Lithuania Deny Great Britain12.07.2014
Highlights: Spain v Sweden12.07.2014
Spain Hold Off Sweden, Face Nervous Wait12.07.2014
Latvia First Win Erases Hungarian Hopes12.07.2014
Highlights: Bulgaria vs Israel12.07.2014
Israel Maintain Winning Momentum12.07.2014
Croatia Carry Form Into Second Round12.07.2014
Italy Pull Off Great Escape In Overtime12.07.2014
A Brave New Era For Grigonis12.07.2014
Top 5 Plays: 11 July11.07.2014
Israel Edge Out Russia, Make 2nd Round11.07.2014
Highlights: Israel v Russia11.07.2014
Highlights: Germany v Slovenia11.07.2014
Highlights: Hungary v Lithuania11.07.2014
Lithuania Hold Off Hungary, Stay Perfect11.07.2014
Perfect Serbia Advance In Style11.07.2014
Great Britain Stun Greece At The Death11.07.2014
Germany Finish Strong To Deny Slovenia11.07.2014
Highlights: Poland v France11.07.2014
France Turn Back Poland To Go Through11.07.2014
Croatia Beat Montenegro To Advance11.07.2014
Perfect Turkey Top Group C11.07.2014
A Gabric For Every Croatian Season11.07.2014
Superlative Lithuania Win Baltic Derby10.07.2014
Top 5 Plays: 10 July10.07.2014
Highlights: Lithuania v Latvia10.07.2014
Highlights: Slovenia v Sweden10.07.2014
Late Slovenia Surge Denies Sweden10.07.2014
Serbia Go Big, Hand Spain Second Loss10.07.2014
Highlights: Serbia v Spain10.07.2014
Late Russia Push Knocks Down Bulgaria10.07.2014
France Find Extra Gear Against Israel10.07.2014
Highlights: Greece v Hungary10.07.2014
Drama Masters Greece Edge Out Hungary10.07.2014
Turkey Secure Second Round Berth10.07.2014
Highlights: Turkey v Montenegro10.07.2014
Highlights: Croatia v Italy10.07.2014
Croatia Take Italy By Storm10.07.2014
Highlights: Hungary v G. Britain09.07.2014
Hungary Out-Defend Great Britain09.07.2014
Top 5 Plays: 9 July09.07.2014
Highlights: Spain v Slovenia09.07.2014
Slovenia Finish Strong To Down Spain09.07.2014
Highlights: Sweden v Germany09.07.2014
Germany Make Statement Against Sweden09.07.2014
Hosts Hold Off Latvia, Tick Win Column09.07.2014
Highlights: Latvia v Greece09.07.2014
France Survive Epic Clash With Bulgaria09.07.2014
Highlights: Italy v Turkey09.07.2014
Turkey Stifle Italy For Second Win09.07.2014
Israel Shut Down Poland In Debut09.07.2014
Highlights: Montenegro v Czech R.09.07.2014
Montenegro Enter The Contest In Style09.07.2014
Leichner's Brits Aim To Create A Vision09.07.2014
Friendship Is Osman's Secret To Medals09.07.2014
Newcomers Great Britain Shock Latvia08.07.2014
Highlights: G. Britain v Latvia08.07.2014
Highlights: France v Russia08.07.2014
Top 5 Plays: 8 July08.07.2014
Highlights: Greece v Lithuania08.07.2014
Lithuania Down Hosts In Opener08.07.2014
Highlights: Czech R. v Italy08.07.2014
Italy Pick Up Where They Left Off08.07.2014
Spain Rally To Deny Germany08.07.2014
Russia Stun France In Day 1 Thriller08.07.2014
Highlights: Poland v Bulgaria08.07.2014
Poland Edge Out Bulgaria In Tight Clash08.07.2014
Serbia Find Extra Gear Against Slovenia08.07.2014
Highlights: Turkey v Croatia08.07.2014
Turkey Outlast Croatia In Premiere08.07.2014
Five Players To Watch01.07.2014
Serbia Win Turgut Atakol Tournament30.06.2014
Surprising U-Turn Bolsters Greek Squad30.06.2014
Promising Start To Turgut Atakol Tourney26.06.2014
Slovenia Prefer To Learn The Hard Way24.06.2014
Greece, Germany Share The Spoils17.06.2014
France U20s Show Promise At Eurocamp10.06.2014
Giannis Skips U20 For Senior Greek NT30.05.2014
Menz Reverts To German U20 Team Coach19.05.2014
Italy Mini Training Camp Boosts Youth11.04.2014
Spanish Armada Reveals 2014 Youth Plans03.04.2014
Love At First Sight For Porzingis, Latvia27.02.2014
Youth European Championships '14 Drawn01.12.2013
2014 Youth Championship Host Cities26.11.2013


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