Domzale: A Closer Look

Domzale by night
Domzale at night

Domžale is the eighth largest municipality in Slovenia and has around 15,000 inhabitants. The average temperature in July is 20,4° Celsius. Domžale is located 15 kilometres northeast of Ljubljana and connected to the capital with good bus and train connections from the main railway and bus stations, which are located in the centre of Ljubljana.

History of Domžale
Domžale became a city on 19th April in 1952. In the following years, Domžale became an industrial city with a particularly strong chemical and textile industry. Due to the construction of modern housing units in the 1980s, the city got the nickname "satellite city". The main struggle for an independent Slovenia took place in the vicinity of Domžale. On 27th June 1991 the Yugoslav army attacked barricades, bombed the radio station transmitter and civil houses. After the independence of Slovenia, Domžale lost its status of a municipality because the surrounding towns Mengeš, Trzin, Moravče and Lukovica were cut off the Domžale municipality.

Opened to the public in 1952, the Arboretum Volčji Potok originally formed part of the Souvan family estate in 1885, which was taken over by the University of Ljubljana in 1952 and legally declared a place of cultural and natural heritage of national importance. Now independent from the University, it is the most visited horticultural amenity in Slovenia which in recent years has become famous for its spring flower shows. The Arboretum, meaning the collection of trees and bushes planted for educational purpose, is primarily a botanical garden for woody plants, the only one in Slovenia

Domžale also has a lot of different parks, like Domžale memorial path (Domžalska spominska pot) which leads along the paths of the former municipality Domžale and Grobeljski avenue (Grobeljski drevored), which had led to the castle and church.

You can also visit the Church of St. Mohor and Fortunata, which is famous for its frescoes by the acclaimed Slovenian painter Franc Jelovšek.

No matter that Domžale is a small town you will find a lot of different restaurants to eat. You can go to Repovž, where you can eat a wide selection of dished from turkey in beer dough, to roasted veal to pork steak with pineapple and cheese.

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Basketball In Domzale

9. Matic Rebec (Slovenia)
Guard Matic Rebec is on the books of Helios Domzale
The local club Helios Domzale is playing in the Slovenian Telemach league and the Adriatic league. They have won both the Slovenian league and cup in 2007 and were regular contenders in the Korac Cup in the 1990s. Their last showing on the international stage was in the EuroChallenge season 2010/11. The club is playing an active role in the education of young players. Two of Slovenia's top prospects for the future, Klemen Prepelic and Martin Rebec are currently honing their skills with the team.

Domzale Sports Hall

Hala Komunalnega centra Domžale Hala Komunalnega Centra Domžale
Capacity: 3000
Address: Mestni trg 1
1230 Domžale

Getting There And Around

Ljubljana International Airport Joze Pucnik is the hub in the region and connects Slovenia with the rest of Europe and the World.

Ljubljana is conveniantly reachable via highway from several countries in the region.

To travel from Ljubljana to Domzale, regional transport is available through bus and regional trains.

To Kranjska Gora, buses are available.


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